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Jalan Mangkubumi is an extension of the famous shopping street of Jalan Malioboro. The street starts to the south of Tugu Monumen on Jl Jenderal Sudirman and effectively ends right before Jl Malioboro at the railway station (Stasiun Kereta Api Tugu).


Being an extension Jl Malioboro, the street is considered rather busy with adequate selection of shops, travel bureaus and restaurants. Sidewalks are amply provided along the street, hence walking should be breezy without sharing the space with the zooming cars and motorcycles.

The railway lines cut across Jl Mangkubumi. Also Yogyakarta's train station is located on this street where a number of train services that operate across the island of Java will make compulsory stop here. Just exercise caution when crossing the railway line because the signage of the oncoming trains seemed inadequate.

While I did not particularly do any shopping here, I did stop for my belated breakfast at the food stalls just across the railway lines. I experimented with the famous bakso with fish balls and thin bleached noodles called mie. It was quite nice but the taste of the soup wasn't as strong as I expected. Generally it was a great time to soak in the hectic pace of Yogyakarta while watching the people going about their daily life.

Nothing much to see here. Can be quite busy with passing traffic.

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