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The Prambanan Open Air Theatre is located some 5 minutes away from Candi Prambanan itself. It is located some 20km to the east of downtown Yogyakarta or 40km west of Surakarta (Solo).

There is a special tour arranged by Yogyakarta-based travel agents that combine an afternoon visit to Candi Prambanan and then catch an evening performance at Ramayana Ballet Theatre.

The Prambanan Garden Café is located right next to the entrance door of the theatre.


When I was first dropped off here by the tour company's driver, I thought I was forced into a tourist trap. What more, there isn't a single local food stall nearby in the area except this open-air café.

My first impression was that the decoration of this open-style café was fabulous. Thatched huts, white curtains, candle-light atmosphere and a delectable buffet spread of traditional Indonesian fares. The price was Rp50.000 per person for the food. On top of that, you must add the beverage cost depending on what you order.

I picked up a good spot where the spectacular view of Candi Prambanan could be enjoyed. Such a perfect setting it was, the view was decidedly magical.

Indeed, I had a great dinner. For me, it was easy to enjoy the food selection being from Malaysia with somewhat similar taste buds. What more with the unlimited supply of the famous Indonesian sate (grilled chicken or meat on skewers), I did have a field day.

Overall, it wasn't as dopey as I initially expected. The food was great, the view was spectacular, and for the price I paid, I think it was reasonable.

Sumptuous selection of local fares. Amazing night view of Candi Prambanan!

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