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Here is the excerpt of Episode 4: The Holy Fire - Downfall and Purification


In the garden of Argasoka, Shinta weeps endlessly while enduring the unbearable persuasion and cruelty of Rahwana. Whenever he gets near her, she avoids him.

When Shinta persistently refuses him, Rahwana calls up two giants who bring in two man's heads - the heads of Rama and Leksmana. Shinta faints at the sight. Trijata, knowing the trick, tells Rahwana that he is a coward because he would otherwise have brought in the real ones.

Fiery Rahwana hurries to the battle field where he meets Rama. The battle is a slaughter field for both sides, which corpses piling up on top of each other. When Rahwana finds out that his brothers die in that battle, he becomes desperate. Eventually, he meets face-to-face with Rama.

The two powerful men are both equipped with magical strengths and enchanted arms. Nonetheless, Rama prevails by ending Rahwana's life with his magic arrow. As good will always overcome evil, Wibisana, who was sent away by his brother, Rahwana, is crowded the new king of Alengka.

Escorted by Trijata, Shinta comes out to meet Rama. When he sees her, he doubts her purity after being so long under Rahwana's captive. Trijata defends her and scolds Rama for doubting her faithfulness.

On the other hand, Shinta who is hurtful by Rama's doubt, wishes to to prove her purity. She asks a big fire be made for her. She will be burnt alive. If she comes out alive, this will prove her purity, lest the fire will burn her to death. Trijata persuades Wibisana to stop the horrible intention but to no avail. While Rama is praying, Shinta enters the burning flames. Strangely enough, she survives.

To convince everybody of this purification act, the fire god, Brahma himself, descends and delivers Shinta to Rama. Thus they are reunited to live happily ever after.

Generally, the ballet acts are rather hard to follow unless you read the synopsis beforehand. Bear in mind that there will be no dialogue throughout the performance so you have to rely on the acting movements and the electronic screen to get a gist of what going on.

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