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Here is the excerpt of Episode 2: Hanuman Duta


In Pancawati, Rama and the ape king, Sugriwa, agree to send Hanuman, Hanila, Anggada and Jembawan to meet Shinta in Alengka to deliver Rama's ring to her. On their way to Alengka, these four apes meet Dewi Sayempraba who tries to disturb their plan by deceiving them with magic spell. As a result, the apes go blind. Sempati, a king's bird, who was ill, helps to cure their blindness. The four apes are thankful to Sempati, and in return, Hanuman help the bird to cure his own illness. After that, they proceed with their journey to Alengka.

In the pleasure garden of Argosoka in Alengka, grief-stricken Shinta weeps in sadness, thinking about her husband, Rama.  She prefers to die rather than becoming Rahwana's queen and the object of his lust. Trijata, Rahwana's niece, tries to console her. Rahwana, at the meantime, doesn't give up in persuading Shinta to marry him, but Trijata ceaselessly advises him to be patient.

Eventually, Hanuman reaches the garden of Argasoka after the strings of obstacle. He delivers the ring to Shinta, who weeps incessantly on receiving it. In exchange, she hands her hairpin to Hanuman to be delivered to Rama as the ultimate proof that she is still faithful and truthful to him.

Before leaving, Hanuman tries to destroy the garden of Argosoka. Unfortunately, Indrajid catches him and shoots his magic arrow. They decide to burn Hanuman alive. Magically, Hanuman comes out unscathed from the fire. In his fury, he retaliates by burning down the whole palace.

Generally, the ballet acts are rather hard to follow unless you read the synopsis beforehand. Bear in mind that there will be no dialogue throughout the performance so you have to rely on the acting movements and the electronic screen to get a gist of what going on.

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