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Wonokitri is located about 3 km from the village of Tosari (about 10 minutes of driving). You will also pass this village when coming back from Mt Penanjakan or Mt Bromo some 15 km away. You may ask your jeep driver to stop at Wonokitri village for a while.


The village of Wonokitri (some spelling has it as Wonokerti) is the hallmark of the region's Tenggerese tribe. The Tenggerese, claiming to be the descendants of the ancient Kingdom of Majapahit, managed to retain their Hindu faith during the big arrival of Islam. Perhaps it was because of the treacherous topography in that area that made it inaccessible for outsiders.

If you get the chance to do a quick tour in the village, you may come across a pura desa (local Hindu temple), just as you would if you are in the island of Bali. During my visit in the morning, there seemed to be a religious event being held at the pura desa.

Apart from professing the Hindu religion, the village of Wonokitri is somewhat similar to that in Tosari. The hillside farming prevails throughout the village, and they cultivate every fruit and vegetable that you can imagine. The temperate climate and the fertile volcanic soil ensure healthy cultivation at any impossibly steep slopes.

The Tenggerese are also known as avid horse breeders and skilled riders. In fact, you can get really close to them at the Sea of Sands near the foot of Bromo Crater because they are the ones who will guide you during your horse riding adventure.

An OK place to visit if you up for it. But usually you might be tired and sleepy after getting up early for the sunrise viewing and climbing Bromo Crater, so you may tend to skip this. The choice is yours.

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