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Candi Mendut is located some 45 minutes northeast of Yogyakarta.  It sits on a hill in the town of Muntilan in the Magelang District. Most travel agents in Yogyakarta offer the day-trip excursion to this temple as part of the tour to Candi Borobudur located nearby.

The monastery is located before the entrance to Candi Mendut.


To be honest, I was more attracted to the sight of this exquisite-looking monastery than the nearby century-old temple of Candi Mendut.

There are no high walls that retain the compound, so visitors can take a peek of what lies inside. The beautifully manicured lawn with lush foliage of trees, the bell-shaped marble stupas lining along a square pond and the clean terrazzo paths evoked a sense of serenity even to the most indifferent mortals. To me, if it wasn't for the signage that says "Mendut Buddhist Monastery", I would have thought this to be an exclusive resort!

If you get the chance to walk along the exquisite square ponds, after a number of steps, you will arrive at a large prayer hall where a colossal Buddha statue made of gold in lotus position.

Note that while the monastery is strictly for Buddhists, it is open for everybody as long as you are accompanied by a monk.

Serene and beautiful. If you get a chance, you can do a tour inside the monastery. Do ensure proper clothing and preferably with guidance by one of the monks.

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