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Lor In Business Resort & Spa is a stylish 5-star property located along Jalan Adisucipto in Solo (or the city's official name is Surakarta but rarely being used). The resort, formerly operated by Sheraton Group of Hotels, is ideally located some 10 minutes to downtown Solo, 10 minutes to Bandar Udara Adisucipto (Solo City airport) or close to 2-hour drive from Yogyakarta.

The best way to get here is by local cabs. From downtown Yogyakarta, the cab fee was about Rp200.000 ($25). The cab fee from downtown Solo City is about Rp10.000 while from Bandar Udara Adisucipto, expect to fork out Rp20.000.

Lor In Solo boasts 112 rooms in total. There are 54 Deluxe rooms (published rate: $90), 46 Executive Deluxe rooms (published rate: $110), 6 Deluxe suites (published rate: $200), one Pangeran Suite (published rate: $300), one Raja Suite and one Sultan Suite (each published rate: $400). There are also 3 Luxury Bungalow units located separately from the main resort buildings. Each bungalow boast its own private pool. Published rate for a 2-bedroom bungalow is $750 while a 3-bedroom one is $1,000.

Naturally, as an independent medium-cost traveler like yours truly, I could only afford to stay in a deluxe room. The room is well designed with a private balcony to boot. Nonetheless, I could do away with the blue-yellow linens which seemed out of place. The timber-strip flooring, rattan furniture and well appointed bathroom are rather expected in this resort establishment.

If you fancy to stay in the room and do nothing, the resort provides a great selection of TV channels, mostly local ones. If I was not mistaken, there were at least 20 channels offered by the resort's parabolic dish (using one is not illegal in Indonesia).

Overall, the room is quite OK but nothing was extraordinary. Nonetheless, the services were great - my request for an extra bed was quickly attended by the resort's friendly personnel. Also, the published room rates above are just, well, published rates. You can definitely get discounted price if you search online.

Architecturally wonderful. Great food, friendly service. For Rp850.000 ($90), I get what I paid for.

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