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Lor In Business Resort & Spa is a stylish 5-star property located along Jalan Adisucipto in Solo (or the city's official name is Surakarta but rarely being used). The resort, formerly operated by Sheraton Group of Hotels, is ideally located some 10 minutes to downtown Solo, 10 minutes to Bandar Udara Adisucipto (Solo City airport) or close to 2-hour drive from Yogyakarta.

The best way to get here is by local cabs. From downtown Yogyakarta, the cab fee was about Rp200.000 ($25). The cab fee from downtown Solo City is about Rp10.000 while from Bandar Udara Adisucipto, expect to fork out Rp20.000.

Lor In Solo boasts two main restaurants, a bakery shop (near the reception), a lounging bar called Puri Parisuko, and a pool bar called Jolotundo.

The main restaurant is called Sasono Bujono which is located downstairs from the resort's main lobby. The setting is immaculate - a calming fish pond is accentuated by the relaxing sound of small fountain and eye-soothing shrubs. Sasono Bujono offers delectable Indonesian, Asian and Western delicacies. Another restaurant in the resort is called Sasono Kridanggo which serves mainly Chinese food. This restaurant is also beautifully set in a section of the fish pond, creating an impression as though it is floating.

I actually had a decent lunch at Sasono Bujono after checking in at the resort. The menu selections were astounding to say the least but I stuck to my intention to try out exquisite local delicacies. After a generous serving of warm breads and butter for appetizer, my plate of nasi liwet arrived. So what exactly is nasi liwet? It is a popular local food that consists of milky coconut rice, spicy sambal, opor ayam (green chicken curry) and herbal-infused boiled eggs. This smorgasbord concoction of everything is served on banana leaf which function is to exude the aroma. It was finger licking good!

The next morning, I had my regular buffet breakfast at Sasono Bujono as well. It was quite OK but nothing was entirely spectacular.

Architecturally wonderful. Great food, friendly service. For Rp850.000 ($90), I get what I paid for.

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