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Lor In Business Resort & Spa is a stylish 5-star property located along Jalan Adisucipto in Solo (or the city's official name is Surakarta but rarely being used). The resort, formerly operated by Sheraton Group of Hotels, is ideally located some 10 minutes to downtown Solo, 10 minutes to Bandar Udara Adisucipto (Solo City airport) or close to 2-hour drive from Yogyakarta.

The best way to get here is by local cabs. From downtown Yogyakarta, the cab fee was about Rp200.000 ($25). The cab fee from downtown Solo City is about Rp10.000 while from Bandar Udara Adisucipto, expect to fork out Rp20.000.

The lobby is a 2-tiered open-air enclave with the reception counter, a bakery, a concierge and a gift shop are located on the top split level. The meandering circular stairs will bring you down to the ground floor where the resort's two main F&B outlets are located.

To me, the lobby isn't particularly awe-inspiring. By that, I mean I have grown all too familiar with the concept of open lobby with extensive wood panels on the roofing and a relaxing lounge area. To first time visitors to Indonesia in general, the lobby design will create a decent impression, if nothing else.

There is a rather massive water fountain erected right in front of the lobby, facing the sedated road of Jalan Adisucipto. Do ensure to check out the lighting works at night when the sky turns dark and the fountain is lit with shimmering golden hues. Also, just as the evening strikes, you can enjoy a refreshing gamelan show by a group of locals. It is hard to miss that when the subtle sound of gong and rebana serenade the air. Added to that is occasional singing of traditional Javanese rhymes by the performing group.

Architecturally wonderful. Great food, friendly service. For Rp850.000 ($90), I get what I paid for.

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