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Bromo Cottages Hotel is located at the village of Tosari in Pasuruan. Distances from major towns on Java Island: 85km from Surabaya, 75km from Malang, 60km from Tretes and 350km from Yogyakarta. The climb from Pasuruan is just for 35km driving distance but not without sharp switchbacks and hairpin bends.

If you are arriving during the daytime (I arrived late at night), decent views of the cities down below such as Malang and Probolinggo can be enjoyed.


The hotel's lobby sits on the highest elevation compared to the rest of the hotel's properties. From the front lobby, you can view the small town of Tosari village along with some decent views of the surrounding.

One thing you will notice prior entering the reception is a name plate that commemorates the officiating of this hotel back on 3rd March 1991 by President Soeharto. The reception area is rather basic with a tour office, an outlet that sells and rents out warm jackets and a big lounging space with a television set and coffee making facility.

After the arduous early morning journey to Penanjakan and Bromo Crater that started at 0330hrs, I returned to the restaurant for my adequately filling breakfast.  The hotel's only F&B outlet, Dahlia Restaurant offers European, Chinese and Indonesian food delights. The selection of menu is decent if you are coming in for lunch or dinner, although the seafood delicacies can be decidedly pricy. Spectacular views of the Eastern Java cities and ancient volcano peaks of Mount Arjuno-Welirang can be seen from the restaurant.

On lowlands, this type of hotel may not amount to anything. But at this high-altitude and pleasant climate, it makes the ultimate highland vacation!

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