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Bromo Cottages Hotel is located at the village of Tosari in Pasuruan. Distances from major towns on Java Island: 85km from Surabaya, 75km from Malang, 60km from Tretes and 350km from Yogyakarta. The climb from Pasuruan is just for 35km driving distance but not without sharp switchbacks and hairpin bends.

If you are arriving during the daytime (I arrived late at night), decent views of the cities down below such as Malang and Probolinggo can be enjoyed.


Bromo Cottages takes on a rather modern architecture. Regarded as the most well-equipped hotel in the Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park vicinity, one could not complain much for being embraced with adequate modern amenities before embarking on the more adventurous journey to Mt Bromo, some one hour climbing nearby.

The hotel sits on a rather massive 2.1 hectare site. What is more astounding is that it was built to follow the hill slope so you could see multiple terraces, each with its own spectacular view.

The hotel is also well planted with exquisite flowering shrubs that thrive in the nice and cool climate. The daytime temperature is only between 22-26C while it gets down between 15-18C at night. There are plenty of mountain ferns, white and orange lilies, cacti, etc. In fact, I could smell fresh fragrance of flowers right outside my bedroom when I was taking a walk.

On lowlands, this type of hotel may not amount to anything. But at this high-altitude and pleasant climate, it makes the ultimate highland vacation!

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