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Candi Borobudur is located some 45 minutes northeast of Yogyakarta.  It sits on a hill in the town of Muntilan in the Magelang District.


Climbing up Candi Borobudur early in the morning was probably one of the best things you could plan for. While avoiding the jostling afternoon crowds is an added advantage, the spectacular view that one could enjoy from the top of the temple is simply unmatched!

After my long climb up to the Arupadhatu section of the temple, where the stupas all are, I could not help but feel the original feeling of openness and formlessness. After all, that is what the cosmological concept of Arupadhatu is all about. It was as if everybody was floating in the air amongst the stupas in great admiration of the spectacular morning vista that I thoroughly enjoyed. In fact, when I first arrive at the top, it was awfully silent as everyone was busy clicking away their SLRs and digital cameras. There was no annoying tourists who shouted, "Hey, look at this, look at that" at everyone and everything. Everyone sat back and enjoyed the view.

Directly south are the jagged peaks of Menoreh Hills. The rising sun was shimmering its golden hues to its peaks while a thick layer of low-lying mist was hovering over the villages down below. If this wasn't as heavenly as the temple's designer intended, I do not know what else is.

It was not just the Menoreh Hills that was spectacular.  If you look up to the northeast, you will see the majestic Gunung Merapi, which incidentally was spewing pyroclastic ashes that could be seen running down its steep slopes at hundreds of miles per hour. To the northwest is the equally fascinating, perfectly conical Gunung Sumbing that rises above the morning mists. While the word "sumbing" means chipped edges and certainly implies imperfection, I did not find anything that is of similar attribute to Gunung Sumbing.  

Simply breathtaking!

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